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Rug Cleaning in Your Local Area

Working with KleenGreen gives you all of the best benefits of professional rug cleaning in Your Local Area. We offer pick-up and delivery for rug cleaning in Your Local Area, so you can rest assured that your rugs are in the best and most capable hands from the very beginning to the end of the process. .

There are two ways to clean Area Rug:

ON SITE CLEANING - The technician will come to you home and clean up the Rug. The process will be carried out so that the floor does not get wet. Starting Price $1.50 per Sqf.

PICKUP - The Best Method of Rug Cleaning! We provide a specific and individualized rug cleaning process for each and every rug we clean and care for. Starting Price $2.50 per Sqf.

The following is our 7 step rug cleaning process:


Each rug received in our factory goes through a thorough preliminary inspection to determine the condition of the rug. Based on the results of this inspection, we decide which specific special treatments each rug needs prior to wash and which wash process is appropriate for each rug.


Rug Dusting is the second stage in our rug cleaning process. 70% of cleaning a rug involves removing dust. With our rug cleaning state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to remove 100% of the dust from the rug during our rug cleaning process. As a result, the pile of the rug becomes open and fresh.

3-Washing & Hand Wash

The entire Rug will be in a big Rugs tub for a few days with Enzyme cleaner that will break all the soil and the grease.


By soaking the rug, we can remove dirt, pet stains, and liquid stains. We soak the rug overnight and with this process we are able to remove all the odor from the rug.


We brush the nap with special grooming tools. This process is done after washing and rinsing the rug. It gets the design sharper and removes the loose wool from the rug.


We dry rugs in our climate controlled drying room to remove the moisture from the rug as soon as possible. It’s very important to remove the moisture from the rug. We use a humidifier heater and fan for movement of air.

7-Final Inspection

Our goal is customer satisfaction.

Rug Repair in Your Local Area

When rug cleaning in KleenGreen just isn’t enough, you can rely on the high-quality, professional rug repair services offered by KleenGreen rug repair in Your Local Area. Whether your rugs are made of natural or synthetic fibers, we have the tools and techniques to make seamless alterations that will add years of life to your area rugs.

Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best

When it comes to rug repair, you really don’t want to go with a company that’s any less than the very best. Especially when you’re entrusting an expensive oriental rug or natural-fiber rug to someone, you want to be sure that your property is in good hands.

No Two Rugs Are Created Equal

Rug repair is a delicate practice, and it involves careful inspection every step of the way. Most rug cleaning and repair companies treat all rugs the same, but this can be very damaging to your unique area rugs, which are made up of different fibers and colors that must be treated differently. This applies to cleaning, but it is especially important in rug repair.

When you need rug repair in Your Local Area, KleenGreen is the only company you should call. Whether your carpet is warped, torn, or frayed, our expert rug repair team can get your rug looking like new once again.

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Rug Cleaning
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Rug Cleaning
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Great Reviews

We have hired kleengeen Chimney Service twice. Both times, the technicians were kind, professional, and got the job done! Mr. Alex came today to clean our chimney/fireplace and repair a chimney cap that had flown off. He was reliable, on-time, and courteous (I greatly appreciate that all the techs put on shoe covers before coming into the house.) He was able to analyze the issue and resolved the chimney cap so that it will stay on. The 180 day warranty on the chimney cap is great as well. Thank you!

~ Jully P. Summit

Great experience! Techs were quiet, professional, and showed up on time. Very professional services. Easy to schedule. Took before and after pictures of dryer vent cleaning. services were great. Would recommend this company to all my neighbors.

~ Tina C. Summit

KleenGreen is the best Carpet Cleaning! I will never go anywhere else. They are super prompt with scheduling, my carpets are super clean and smell awesome, the staff is superb! Their machinery is top end so my carpets are practically dry when the leave. I used to have a white fabric couch and it always looked brand new by the time they were finished. I recently sold a house and they came and cleaned the carpets - it had a really harsh dog smell and they came back happily without charging and did it a second time. The also don't use chemicals so my carpets are kid and pet friendly...... Love,love,love.

~ Vanessa Hawkins

Amazing company with unbelievably awesome customer service and outstanding quality of work. The technician was on time and very courteous! The carpets look amazing after the service-he was even able to get out many of the stains. I would definitely recommend Kleengreen to friends and family in the future!

~ Alejandro Rodriguez

They have treated our carpets for dog urine after multiple accidents in my home. There has never been a company that has left my home without a trace of a dog even residing there! Pretty amazing! On top of that, their prices are incredibly competitive with other companies that we have used and been completely disappointed in. Thank you guys!

~ Hannah Chen

I have nothing but the highest praise for the All American Carpet service! We have used their service twice already, and are planning to schedule another one soon. They did a phenomenal job both times! They also cleaned our area wool rug at the lowest price that I could find. When I called them after spilling some stuff on my chair fabric, they kindly stopped by after serving a house in the neighborhood, and gave us a can of cleaner for free! Many thanks!

~ Leonard Caul

We have used Kleengreen for many years, at least 2 or 3 times a year (cats need I say more), and we have always been pleased with the quality of the service and the professional, friendly attitude of the crews. Mike and his crew have served us well over the years. We trust them to do good work, reliably and with an efficiency that means we are not inconvenienced. Mike even did some dye treatments to stained areas the was remarkable--he's a true artist.

~ Sofia Sanchez

We have used Kleengreen for several years in our home and in two rental units, from everything from carpet and furniture cleaning to (unfortunately) water damage events. They are simply superb -- prompt, cooperative, helpful and reasonably priced. They give great advice on our carpet and tile, too.We highly recommend them.

~ Smith Family

These guys are great! They did such a great job on our carpets. We are landlords for a house rental and were only in the area for a few days. I called them once we completed a final walk-through with our tenants. The carpets were filthy, but look amazing now! We got a fast response from them after calling a few other carpet cleaning services. They were very friendly, professional and on time. We will definitely use them again!

~ Pierce Family

This company is amazing!! They came over and cleaned 2 rooms and a living room. The carpet had not been cleaned for 10 years so they were pretty dirty. They cleaned the carpet the best they could and recommend me to have it cleaned in a couple of months to clean it out even more. I was impressed with the cleaning, it did not look the same as before. I will use them again to clean my carpets in the future.

~ Nickerson Family

First time using Affordable Carpet Cleaning, Matt and his assistant came here today to clean my carpet and when he arrived he gave me a friendly smile, also they came early. Carpets look good as ever and we couldn't be happier. Price was right and they were easy to work with for scheduling. They did an amazing job! Affordable price! I will continue to use this company again. Highly recommended!!!!

~ Scout Family