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According to the latest statistics available, there are over 25,000 Chimney Fires per year in the US that are responsible for over 125 million dollars in property damage. The most sobering statistics relate to deaths and injuries that can result from chimney fires that spread into house fires. Built up creosote is responsible for many of those fires, along with deficiencies in chimney linings and structures that allow high temperatures, embers and sparks to reach combustible areas that are adjacent to your chimney or fireplace.

Kleengreen Chimney Cleaning Services

Looking for Chimney Cleaners ? Need not worry. Our experienced staff is here for you. We provide services in Chimney Cleaning, maintenance, repair along with top hat chimney sweep. Our Technicians provide our chimney services at more than 250 locations with a guaranteed result with minimal or no mess. We ensure that the chimney cleaning is done in detail leaving the fireplace in tip-top condition. Our experts can perform top hat chimney sweep where the chimney top has to be removed for chimney cleaning.

More of our services including top hat chimney sweep and cleaning with care by our experts and outcomes high-level customer satisfaction.

What causes clog chimney ?

Due to the formation of soot (Creosote) along chimney walls, it causes the extensive level of clogging which our expert team of chimney cleaners deals with leaving your chimney as good as new. This soot contains flammable Sulfur, and if the deposits of this soot are large enough to ignite a fire, it can lead to several hazardous conditions.

Is it worth cleaning a chimney?

Now the question arises, what if this clogging problem is untreated? Well, a clogged chimney is comparable to a water hose with a closed nozzle where there is no escape route for harmful gasses which can cause causalities.The gasses escape through the chimney, but if the chimney requires cleaning and is not well maintained, the gasses won’t escape, exposing the room environment to harmful gasses which are capable of causing severe damage.

Chimney cleaning service is mandatory as a partially clogged vent is capable of triggering an uncontrolled fire we are well aware of the drastic consequences of an uncontrolled house fire. Hence, for an effective, safe and efficient usage of the chimney, a proper chimney cleaning and service is necessary along with an inspection on regular time intervals.

To answer the above questions – Yes. Cleaning chimney is worth as an unclean chimney puts your loved ones and home at risk.

Why you need our professionals?

1. Cleaning chimney is a tedious process, and it not only involves shoving of a long-handled brush up a stack to remove soot but it is a lot more than that.

2. Cleaning a furnace flue may require chemical applications that should only be undertaken by experts.

3. We offer reasonably priced services from professional cleaners who will maintain a dust free environment in your home.

4. We offer reasonably priced services from professional cleaners who will maintain a dust free environment in your home.

Why choose us?

We also mark an epitome of chimney cleaning company with an active track record of providing high-quality cleaning service to the United States with a spread of above 250 locations all over the country. Years of experience in cleaning chimney and service with constructive customer feedback allows us to guarantee our chimney services and provides excellent quality of chimney cleaning, top hat chimney sweep, and chimney services.

Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

We are capable of providing a high-class service ensuring that the chimney cleaning is undertaken with total seriousness starting with the damper, chamber, and flue. Followed by a detailed soot vacuum to remove any ash in the fireplace of chimney confirming that there is absolutely no mess left for the homeowners once we do our chimney service job.

Our certified company

We training all of our Kleen Green technicians and chimney cleaners making them capable of climbing on the roof and safely dealing with the harmful chemicals that in chimney cleaning.

Trained Technicians

Our fully trained and equipped technicians to inspect damper, firebox, lintel packing, brick, mortar, panels, crown and cap and after we complete the chimney service, it is ensured that harmful deposits of creosotes are removed during the chimney cleaning leaving it clean, eliminating any foul smell from the stack. The chimney cleaning job should be done by individuals or group which are certified professionals as the tasks performed during the cleaning job are little tedious and hazardous with an ability to cause some severe physical harms.

We Ensures customer satisfaction

Our team ensures customer satisfaction and uses the feedbacks to improve the chimney cleaning services continually, and that is the reason, We managed to stay in the market for the duration of more than a decade.

Our cutting edge technology equipment

We guarantees high-quality cleaning with a minimum time frame making sure that top of the level chimney cleaning service is provided within a short duration of time as we value the precious time of our customers.

Reliability and punctuality

Those are the keys to customer satisfaction which is well understood by our team, and that is the reason we guarantee chimney cleaning services at such affordable prices.

Diagnose Issues

Diagnose Issues related with poor chimney constructions by, and proper measures will be suggested to maintain your chimney system performance.

Fully trained team members

All of our member’s team are fully trained with a friendly approach will ensure your satisfaction and are trained to get our job done so give us a chance to serve you, and we guarantee that you will appreciate our chimney cleaning service.

Our staff understand chimneys from inside-out and will suggest you the best solution and tips to maintain your chimney in a proper shape and condition which will allow delayed need of service and will cause an enormous amount of increment in the efficiency of your chimney. This capability of our crew has enhanced due to the years of experience and appropriate training provided to them by us.

With a guarantee of superior level chimney cleaning services at affordable prices, we offer not only customer satisfaction but a vast service at various locations and hence we expect you to give us a chance to provide chimney cleaning service at your house with our reliable, responsible and friendly crew.


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Great Reviews

They came to clean my air ducts and really the entire air supply system. My house has 2 separate units and definitely provided some significant challenges as my house is also pretty old. Despite that, they did a really good job and were very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this service and will be using them again.

~ Jully P. Summit

One word… AMAZING! We bought a house and couldn’t get rid of the animal/mold/dirty smell. Turns out it was in our duct work and furnace. After the quote they came and got it all clean. No issues since and that smell is GONE. 100% would recommend. Seriously you should call them if you think your ducts need clean.

~ Tina C. Summit

They were very professional, told me exactly WHAT they would be doing, and spent time answering ALL my questions concerning the intricacies of the methods they were employing. They arrived as expected and quickly and efficiently completed their work, using care to leave everything clean and in place when they left. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in having duct cleaning.

~ Vanessa Hawkins

Great service! The cleaned my chimney and dryer vent quickly and properly, best part is that they didn’t try to squeeze out money by creating their own fictional story of what has to be done, like many other companies do. Good pricing as well!

~ Alejandro Rodriguez

Thanks for the rebuild of my upper chimney, with liner & flashing in mid August . The Crew worked hard to get the job done in adequate time. I did ask for copies of the pictures to be sent to me of the work on the roof, to verify to the insurance and I have received them and the estimate for another project. The professionalism of the work being done was excellent and the follow-up attention from Julie was great.

~ Hannah Chen

Professional and polite company-I was able to get in the schedule the following week of my initial request for service. My tech was Conner and he did a great job. Going to have them back to repair the fireplace gas line.

~ Leonard Caul

The owner responded to my message, almost immediately. He scheduled an appointment for 2 days later and showed up about 10 minutes early. The tech did a great job explaining what needed to be done and why. The dryer vent cleaning was done in about an hour. He then answered any other questions I had. They’re a hard-working, efficient duo, and very friendly too. Highly recommended.ts to stained areas the was remarkable--he's a true artist.

~ Sofia Sanchez

The tech arrived on time, introduced himself and began his task. He was polite, friendly and professional. Work was excellent and when he was done, he cleaned up and left everything the way he found it. Excellent company. I would hire them again and highly recommend them to others.

~ Smith Family

QUICK, every single person from the phone to the service provider is POLITE. They are Talented, Neat, Honest folks, and I could not wait to write this review, to share my wonderful experience. I recommend them with utmost confidence.

~ Pierce Family

This company is amazing!! They came over and cleaned 2 rooms and a living room. The carpet had not been cleaned for 10 years so they were pretty dirty. They cleaned the carpet the best they could and recommend me to have it cleaned in a couple of months to clean it out even more. I was impressed with the cleaning, it did not look the same as before. I will use them again to clean my carpets in the future.

~ Nickerson Family

I highly recommend this company. They are honest and definitely a 5 star company. I refer them when I can to friends and family.

~ Scout Family