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About Our Attic Insulation Service

Kleengreen Carpet Cleaning – An insulation company with a numerous of products. To give a brief, the brand name Kleengreen in itself is sufficient to give you an idea about our Attic insulation services. Additionally, we have been serving the citizens of United States for more than a decade now. We provide you with our high-class products and services.

What do we do?

Along with the installation, we also upgrade the already existing insulation. Moreover, all our experienced insulation installers have been working in this field for decades. In addition to the Attic insulation replacement, our highly qualified team offers various other insulations. These insulations may consist even tedious jobs of sound proofing as well as fire code regulations.

Consistency of Kleengreen

To ensure the regulated quality, we have a tripod plan which rests on three pillars: Assessment, Recommendation, and Installation. This plan that we follow proves to be very effective each time we provide our services. To depict is, the testimonies provided to us are the proof that we are as good at our job as we are talking about. Here is a brief about each of the mentioned pillar:


To initiate, we inspect the premises geographical and climatic condition. We find answers to certain questions like – is there a need for Attic insulation removal, and replacement? Are there any corners where there is a heat loss? Along with that, we analyze the depth and quality of your current insulation if it is present. Now, with the completion of this inspection, our expert will be capable of providing you the results and recommendations.


We have Attic insulation contractors, who are experts in managing the insulation is such a way that you will be able to save the maximum out of it. With years of experience and the training that they attain makes them the perfectionist of their job. After this full-fledged inspection, experts from Kleengreen will undoubtedly be able to recommend you the best alternate. we will base this recommendation totally on your needs. Notably, this is our promise that the price will be the most affordable price. Hence, it will definitely be the value for money.


We install the insulation from the high-class manufacturers. To get this job done perfectly, we follow the manufacturer’s manual steps. As a result, you get perfect result in one go. After the Attic Insulation Installation, we provide you with installation certificate. Out of which, one is left with you and second is placed at the entrance of the attic. This ensures the easement of job in case you decide to sell your home. Our policy states that customer satisfaction is our prime aim. For this reason, each and every step of procedure we follow claims professionalism.

Attic insulation removal and replacement

Attic insulation replacement services are also available if the old insulation is poor in quality. Our expert will be able to check that for you. Also, if there is any more insulation required above the pre-existing.

Give us a chance to serve you, and you will appreciate it. Your house will be even more comfortable. All you have to do is to give us a call, and rest is all on Kleengreen.

Benefits of a Proper Attic Insulation Installation

For Attic insulation removal and replacement, we inspect the site carefully, and then we suggest you the type of product that will do the job. Attic insulation contractors will work side by side to ensure the increment of the efficiency of the insulation. Especially, to lower the energy costs and regulate the thermostat. Further, there are more advantages as follows:

How Fiberglass insulation works?

To put it in very simple words, it traps the air pockets. Due to which the heat remains inside the living area as it doesn’t have anywhere to escape to. Many of our existing customers claim that after the application of fiberglass insulation, they save around 40% on energy costs every year.

Cost Savings

For one thing, there is a significant reduction of heat loss. Consequently, the cooling and heating unit doesn’t take much the load. Hence, there is a huge amount of reduction in electricity bills. For instance, several satisfied customers of ours who took Attic Insulation Installation do report this every now and then about the bills. They appreciate our services and the fact their investment actually pays them back after a certain period of time. Likewise, each individual needs this solution in order to reduce the amount of electricity they consume.

Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

The consumption of electricity decreases. As a result, less energy consumption which means lesser harm to the environment. Attic insulation and air sealing pack the internal environment of the house for a longer time. Eventually, causing less consumption of electricity. Therefore, this plan is suitable for people who care about their wallets and also for those who care about the environment. Attic insulation contractors will ensure the establishment of this scenario where you get the maximum output profit with our Attic insulation services.

Leads to longer life

In the absence of an appropriate insulation, there can be high moisture formation on the roof. This is due to the melting ice which occurs when there is a heat loss from inside of the house. This moisture and ice cluster is capable of causing substantial damage to your house. One should understand, repairing that damage is very expensive. Therefore, another cost effective benefit of Attic Insulation Installation. That is a longer life of the roof and walls. Which indicates that this one-time investment pays itself back in a very small amount of time. Comparatively, this duration is shorter as compared to the other renovating and refurbishing services for your premise.

Higher Comfort Level

When there is sufficient insulation, the walls and ceiling remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Along with the savings of national energy resource, you also get a uniform temperature. Hence this helps to make it feel even more like home. Although, we can’t put a price on comfort, but still this is an affordable and intelligent investment to consider.

These above-discussed benefits are just a glance to the ample amount of advantages of Attic insulation and air sealing. After all, one must consider, this is quite a smart investment considering the advantages and most importantly, the comfort that you will attain. The quick response of room temperature due to no heat loss. Then, your responsibility fulfillment towards a greener earth.

Extensiveness of Kleengreen insulation services

Talking about our extensiveness, we have a scatter of over 250 locations all over the United States. All our insulating material for Attic insulation removal and replacement is from the finest suppliers all across the globe. Hence, we business with the best insulation suppliers regularly. As a result, we bring you the finest insulation at affordable price. After that, we merge in our expert team that identifies your needs for Attic insulation and air sealing.

Purpose of Attic Insulation Installation

Winter Scenario

It is natural that the air flows towards a cooler place. During winters, the heat loss occurs because the warmness inside the house moves towards outside. As a result, the heating unit has to run a lot extra than required in an optimum condition.

Summer Scenario

A similar effect occurs during summer but with the cooling unit. This leakage of heat during winters and entering of hot waves into the house during summers can cause trouble. We are talking about the trouble with your comfort and also the extra electricity consumption that takes place due to this loss. Attic insulation services for this purpose is getting widespread as people are aware of this scenario.

Blown attic insulation

Blown in attic insulation is becoming common with leaps and bounds. As a matter of fact, they have certain advantages over the traditional batts. Also, the blown in attic insulation is quick and easy to install. Moreover, you can deploy them fairly quickly in old premises where the installation of batts is quite difficult. We ensure that we are successfully able to achieve the specified R-value using this technique. Blown in fiberglass insulation technique serves very well and has given us 100% success rate in the past as well. The insulation settles rapidly after the installation is complete. Hence, providing you with a uniform insulation blanket of the desired shape.

Talking about the R-value

To give you a brief idea, this R-value is what you keep on hearing in regards to the insulation quality. In simple words, it is the measure of the resistance of heat flow with a given thickness of material. For blown in insulation, it is easy to achieve any specified R-value due to the changeable amount of material that is to be blown.

R-value is an important yet most misunderstood term of insulation. It depends on several factors other than the thickness or quality of material. Also, it varies with the change in climate and is dependent on mainly 4 entities – Temperature Difference, Amount of Heat loss, Time and Area. In addition to these predetermined entities, there are several other factors too. Factor like humidity and wind are responsible for creating a pressure difference hence varying the R-value. The good news is, blown insulation technique will take care of that all.

Fiberglass insulation

To talk a bit about its composition, Attic insulation fiberglass is a type of fiber made up of glass. This is the most widespread insulation material across the globe. Well, that is because this material itself is a great insulator. It decrements the transfer of heat through it. Not only that, it even slows down the sound. As a result, creating a soundproof environment which is ideal for living rooms.

Versatility of Fiberglass insulation material

It can be used at various spaces in a premise. Along with that, due to modern manufacturing techniques, it is available in different appearances. With the options of pink, yellow, green etc., they are spread through different methods as well. After the successful installation, there is a formation of the uniform membrane. This layer is responsible for blocking or retarding the moisture and heat through it. Blown in attic insulation of fiberglass is the most effective and proven method of installing fiberglass insulation at your premise. Kleengreen has been accumulating experience from over a decade and we are very confident about it.

Blown in fiberglass insulation

There are an ample number of insulation materials from bulky to sleek foils. However, we use blown in fiberglass insulation as it does the best job. It consists of extremely fine fibers of glass. This material is globally used just because of its extremely effective properties. Nowadays, there is the manufacturing of high-density fiberglass, which has even higher R-value as compared to standard batts. Hence, Attic insulation blown in method is used in order to fill even the smaller cavities. As a matter of fact, there are several tiny holes and gaps between the walls. This is due to the nature of building material.

How Blown insulation works

Blown in insulation is performed using modern tools. This requires some craftsman’s skills and experience. Hence, the professional crew of Kleengreen is always ready for such jobs. It is what they are trained for. Consequently, you just give them a chance and they will get it done. We follow a proper process for blown attic insulation technique. We have been following this from years now and this developed and tested method. Therefore, we ensure a huge reduction in electricity bills. Of course, the ambient temperature for your house will be suitable for a longer duration of time that it already is.

For attic insulation blown in technique, the procedure that we carry out is as follows:

1. To initiate, we determine/confirm the R-value: This value is different for the different premise. We may also contact the local contractor for conformity of this value.

2. Calculation of fiberglass insulation material we will require: We determine the amount of blown in insulation at this step. Moreover, we also calculate the depth of fiberglass insulation that we will need to reach the appropriate R-value.

3. Then, determination of the number of rafter vents

4. Creating a temporary walkway using a plywood sheet: Helps to walk on once the insulation is spread all over the surface.

5. Now, we install the rafter vents: This step is mandatory so that there is no blockage of airflow.

6. Followed by, laying of the polyethylene over the surface

7. Finally, Attic insulation blown in to cover the surface up to the specific depth: Now we blow in the insulation until we achieve a correct amount of depth. Due to the years of hands on experience, the layer we form with the insulation is uniform at all places.

Insulation Removal

Besides our new insulation services, Atticare also provides CA and NJ homeowners with insulation removal. If your insulation has become damaged due to rodents, mold or water infiltration, your home may be a good candidate for insulation removal services. By removing contaminated insulation, Atticare can improve indoor air quality, returning your home to a safe, clean and energy-efficient state.

When do you need to remove your insulation?

1. Your insulation got damaged by rodents – Its impossible to effectively clean insulation since most insulation materials are made out of fiber. Any attempt to clean or vaccuum insulation will decrease the insulation efficiency furthermore, the rodent’s scent that left behind will attract other rodents which will cause more damages in the future.

2. You have mold or water damage on the insulation

3. Your insulation is 20 years or more

Damaged insulation can increase you energy bills and effect the indoor air quality

If your current attic insulation has been damaged by mold, rodent infestation, or water damage it needs to be removed before new insulation can be installed.

Removing contaminated insulation is an important improvement for your home, since damaged insulation can cause structural damage and can directly effect the air quality inside your house. Poor air quality can case major health issues and put you and your family in danger.​ When searching for insulation removal company it is very important to use a professional, experienced company. In Atticare we train all of our worker and we make sure to keep your home safe clean and energy efficient. ​​ ​


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We have hired kleengeen Chimney Service twice. Both times, the technicians were kind, professional, and got the job done! Mr. Alex came today to clean our chimney/fireplace and repair a chimney cap that had flown off. He was reliable, on-time, and courteous (I greatly appreciate that all the techs put on shoe covers before coming into the house.) He was able to analyze the issue and resolved the chimney cap so that it will stay on. The 180 day warranty on the chimney cap is great as well. Thank you!

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Great experience! Techs were quiet, professional, and showed up on time. Very professional services. Easy to schedule. Took before and after pictures of dryer vent cleaning. services were great. Would recommend this company to all my neighbors.

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KleenGreen is the best Carpet Cleaning! I will never go anywhere else. They are super prompt with scheduling, my carpets are super clean and smell awesome, the staff is superb! Their machinery is top end so my carpets are practically dry when the leave. I used to have a white fabric couch and it always looked brand new by the time they were finished. I recently sold a house and they came and cleaned the carpets - it had a really harsh dog smell and they came back happily without charging and did it a second time. The also don't use chemicals so my carpets are kid and pet friendly...... Love,love,love.

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They have treated our carpets for dog urine after multiple accidents in my home. There has never been a company that has left my home without a trace of a dog even residing there! Pretty amazing! On top of that, their prices are incredibly competitive with other companies that we have used and been completely disappointed in. Thank you guys!

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We have used Kleengreen for many years, at least 2 or 3 times a year (cats need I say more), and we have always been pleased with the quality of the service and the professional, friendly attitude of the crews. Mike and his crew have served us well over the years. We trust them to do good work, reliably and with an efficiency that means we are not inconvenienced. Mike even did some dye treatments to stained areas the was remarkable--he's a true artist.

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We have used Kleengreen for several years in our home and in two rental units, from everything from carpet and furniture cleaning to (unfortunately) water damage events. They are simply superb -- prompt, cooperative, helpful and reasonably priced. They give great advice on our carpet and tile, too.We highly recommend them.

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